Fyrirlesturinn verður haldinn í HR í stofu M208 en einnig á zoom (tengill hér).

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 Modern business environment is pushing organizations towards increased agility to strengthen their ability to embrace competitive complexity. This is why Agile transformation has become a hot topic in organizations and consulting. Unfortunately, however, many of these so-called Agile transformations end up in a confusion and diminished flexibility. Even though the root causes for this are manifold, they however, arise especially when hierarchical organizations are faced with complexity. Typical symptoms include increased lead-time, reduced ability to solve complex tasks, and failed projects. The lecture will illustrate these dynamics through two recent project cases from the European banking industry. The lecture shows how to approach the most complex tasks to prevent complex transformational projects and programmes from failing.


Sofus Clemmensen, who is originally from the Faroe Islands, has worked in project environments for over 25 years and has an extensive experience in realizing complex developmental initiatives of strategic importance. He has functioned as a CEO, management consultant, project director, program and project manager, IT developer in the worlds of finance (bank, pension, insurance, real estate), logistics, construction, telecom, public administration, and legal firms. He has worked in large international corporations, medium-sized national companies, smaller companies and start-ups. Sofus has an BS degree in IT and finance and an MBA in Technology Management and holds PMP and IPMA-A level certifications in project management. Today, he works as a consultant in his own company Givers Business Consulting and Services in Copenhagen where he gives independent advisory and consulting in project and programme management and offers training & coaching.