The aim of the NORDNET co-operation is to strengthen the capability of the participating membership associations to develop a dynamic and competent discipline for projects, programme and portfolio management.

NORDNET is an active platform for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and impulses on the advancement of the project management discipline, and the development of the participating associations' membership services. One of NORDNET's main activities is the annual project management symposium held, in turn, in each of the Nordic countries.

Normally two NORDNET Board meetings are held tvice a year in a spring meeting and in connection with the NORDNET conference. Typically there is a representation of two board members from each of the five national associations. The association that will be hosting the next NORDNET conference will be hosting the secretariat and chair the meetings.

The present secretary is Vesa Ilama from the Finnish Association of Project Management, who will provide the secretarial services in 2019.