IPMA B, C and D-Level Application in English

Information and application form for English speaking applicants for IPMA B, C and D level certification 

Please read following information carefully: 

1. IPMA Project Management Certificate Instructions

2. International Competence Baseline Version 3.0, pdf form or at IPMA webside

3. IPMA certified individual's ethical instructions

To apply for IPMA B, C, and D-level certification the applicant must send following completed forms to vottun@vsf.is

1. Application form D level  (EB 3-02-02en) Application form B and C level (EB3-02-01en)

2. Self Assessment B, C and D level (EB 3-04-01)

3. Curriculum Vitae  (Please feel free to send your own CV) B, C and D level

Following forms are only for B and C applicants:

4. Overview of Project (EB 3-03-02en)

5.Detailed description of Projects (EB 3-02-03en)

6. Project Complexity (EB 3-03-05en)