The results of the certification can be appealed.

 Definition: Appeal is a formal request for reconsiderations or review of a decision made by the Certification Body (CB)

Who can appeal:

  • An Applicant, if his or her application was not accepted;
  • A Candidate, if he or she hasn’t successfully completed one of the assessment steps or if, after completion of all assessment steps, the CB decided not to award with an IPMA certificate. No further evidence of competence shall be accepted as part of the appeal.


How to appeal: The appeal shall be sent to using the form Appeal of certification result

When: Appeals must be submitted within 30 calendar days of the decision being appealed.

Fees: CB may ask for appeal fees. In this case, those fees shall be explicit and communicated to applicants. Fees will be applicable after reception of a valid appeal and refunded to applicant or candidate if the appeal’s decision is favourable to the appellant.



Definition: Complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction by an individual or organization to a CB. The complaint may be related with any person or situation involved in the certification process.

Who sends a complaint: There are no restrictions. Any person can present a complaint against a CB.

How to complain: The complaints shall be send to using the form Complaint form

When: There are no date restrictions.

Fees: No fees are applicable